Mar 6, 2013

Country TwitterFAIL: March '13


  1. There is a huge influx of Tweets that say "If you don't like Singer X, then we can't be friends/you suck/etc." Sounds like there are alot of people who actually do know Bryan/Aldean/Gilbert sucks and they tell these people that and it prompts them to write such Tweets. Why else would they post such conditional friendships/associations?

    If true, there IS hope for America!

  2. Good point!

    On another point - sorry for all the homophobic Tweets in this post. I just like to expose these idiots for what they are.

  3. I know it wouldn't be as funny but I'd love to see good Tweets too. For instance,"If you don't like Justin Townes Earle jump off of a bridge and take Florida-Georgia Line with you." By @kfh2

  4. Interesting you mention it, because I'm working on some Twitter Wins right now. And yes, they can be funny too.



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