Apr 20, 2013

YouTube Junk: David Richt (featuring Colt Ford)

Did you ever think you'd see a collaboration in which Colt Ford was the far more talented participant? Thanks Georgia! And thanks to Taylor Smith for bringing this to my attention. 
Note: I command you to watch all of it.


  1. I was at the spring football game when they unveiled this gem. I MAY have yelled some...inappropriate things...

    The people around me did not seem to share my same level of vitriol.

  2. I hate you for commanding me to watch this...

  3. I made it to 0:41 before switching it over to some Lee Ann Womack (on a different upload, but still). This is easily one of the worst songs I've ever heard, and I've exposed myself to both "Truck Yeah" and "Gonna Know We Were Here". F*** you.
    -"Jman" Burnett



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