Oct 15, 2013

YouTube Junk: Chase Rice Unleashes Cruise Part 2: Electric Douche-aloo

This is pretty much a FTM country cliche list set to music...


  1. ... Country music has turned into a huge F*#&ing joke. This is atrocious. What makes it country? The dude is white and has a twang, so that's what it takes to be country music these days? If that's the case, Randy Moss is halfway there to be a hit making country singer.

    Also, anyway to make it where I can comment straight through Twitter or something?

  2. We are witnessing the Nickelbackization of country music.

    Let me explain what I mean here. Even though Nickelback have failed, to date, to crossover onto the country format, there's no rock band in my view that has influenced current "country" music more than Nickelback.

    Firstly, their producer Joey Moi (who has also produced Hinder's albums........another douche-rock group) has emerged as the go-to name over the course of this past year for uber-catchy but devoid of substance Rhythmic-influenced pop music masquerading as "country". Florida-Georgia Line sought out Joey Moi for their first hit full-length album, is the brainchild behind the production on Jake Owen's albums, and now this.

    Plus, the former frontman of Default, Dallas Smith, recently started his country music career in Canada. Guess what label both he and his band was signed to from the onset? Yep, Nickelback frontman Chad Kroeger's 604 Records. Now, he is aiming for an American breakthrough with his atrocuous new single "Tippin' Point"............which is produced by...............you guessed it..............Joey Moi! And written by who you ask? FLORIDA-GEORGIA LINE!!! -__-

  3. I had no idea Dallas Smith was the lead singer of Default. I dug that one song. "Tippin' Point" is miserable though. Hopefully prophetic in its title.

    1. Default are a one-hit wonder in the United States, but I actually liked "Wasting My Time". Sure, it's corporate rock so nothing groundbreaking.............but Dallas really knows how to sing when he puts his heart to it and that single resonated with me well because of how emotionally committed to the vocals he was.

      Even since beginning his country career in Canada, he demonstrates his vocal chops a respectable number of times. "What Kinda Love" is a great example, and he also co-wrote that single.

      With "Tippin' Point" however...................it is impossible to describe it as anything less than a sheer sellout. His vocals are laughably and depressingly processed to death, and to hear him sing "It's hot as hell the way you shake that tailgate!" is bizarre in the most sadly surreal way! =/



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