Dec 27, 2013

Jeremy's Top Live Shows of 2013

Dallas Moore Band at The Newport Motorcycle Rally in Newport, KY
and The Backyard Bar and Grill in Loveland, OH:
This was the first time had been able to catch Dallas and the boys live and lucky for me it was a double header.  The first show which was taking place outside was Dallas with his full band making their way through several songs from their latest release Blessed Be The Bad Ones, as well as some great cover songs. After catching the first show (which started in the summer sun and ended under the fireworks from Great American Ballpark which is located just across the Ohio River from the Newport Levee where the event is held once a year) it was time to head to the after party show which featured Dallas and the late Wayne Mills playing an acoustic set together. It was great to see two friends trade the lead role back and forth as they played a good mix of their own songs as well as some favorites from legends of the past.

Dallas and Wayne Mills

T Junior at Shamrock Tattoo in Portsmouth, OH:
Any time you find a show that is cheap to get into and is BYOB you're off to a great start. Add in a gracious crowd and great music that was taking place in a historical side room with great acoustics and it's a show I'll never forget. T Junior rolled through his set and made several new fans that night through his high energy and great song writing. The only downfall of this show was that it happened on a Sunday night and I felt obligated to drink all the beer I had brought.

Filthy Still at Tootle's Pumpkin Inn in Circleville, OH:
Tootle's is a favorite for many acts that have had the opportunity to play there and for good reason. While it's not the biggest or the coolest bar you'll ever see it has one major advantage over your average bar venue and that's the people. The patrons just get the music and this night was no exception as the crowd danced into a drunken frenzy to every song. For some reason there was even a guy dressed as The Mad Hatter. A barefooted, dancing Mad Hatter at that. Welcome to Ohio.

Shooter Jennings at Doughboyz Pizza Pub in Ashville, OH:
I know what you're thinking, Shooter at a pizza shop, what the hell? While technically this is a rather small pizza shop/bar with a large field outback, it easily is transformed into an outdoor concert venue with good food in small town central Ohio that attracts fans from around the state. This night began with a great job of opening the show by The Phillip Fox band and continued as Shooter took the stage shortly after. Shooter and his band were spot on all night as they kept the crowd rocking trough the entire set list and left no one disappointed.

Shooter Jennings

Unknown Hinson at The V Club in Huntington, WV:
I had previously missed two opportunities to catch an Unknown show and thought I'd never get another chance due his retirement announcement. Luckily for me and fans nationwide he decided to embark on at least one more round. For this particular show he brought along Justin Wells of Fifth On The Floor performing solo as his opener and also chose my favorite venue to catch any show. Justin worked great as the opener and played to the crowd perfectly by playing several of his bands high energy songs and a few great rock and country covers. Unknown Hinson walked onto the stage to a huge response and thrilled the crowd with his fun lyrics and masterful guitar playing. After the show both acts hung around to meet every person in the building and sign autographs for hours.

Unknown Hinson

Fifth on the Floor "Ashes and Angels" album release show at Buster's in Lexington, KY:
A Fifth On The Floor show in their hometown has a different energy to it than any other show you'll ever experience. Throw in Rachel Brooke, Whitey Morgan and special guest Shooter Jennings and you can't go wrong. The night ended with members of each band coming together to pay tribute to Levon Helm with a very memorable version of "The Weight."

Moonrunners Fest at Reggie's Rock Club in Chicago, IL:
I can't add anything to this that I didn't already say in my write up shortly after the event. The main thing is the fact that it's happening again with not only more bands but also an extra day. Already planning my trip for 2014.

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