Dec 4, 2013

Larry Lee the Primitive Baptist Reviews: Rich O'Toole - Too Good to Call

Hear a preview here, if ye dare.

This is a profane and vulgar song that does nothing to honor the name of the Father. From what I gathered in the minute or two I could stomach, this is a man who's recently been dumped whining about his ex-girlfriend not calling him or texting or "sex-ting," as this perverse Obama-generation says.

I don't care about this young fella's love life, or lack thereof. I'm sure he's like most of his generation, hopping from bed to backseat to behind a dumpster, chasing female companionship. So, why should I care that he got dumped? I would have dumped him too if he whined that much during the "relationship."

And now, the language! I believe when an educated person uses language like this, it is a cry for help. Possibly, Mr. Tool didn't receive a quality education while he was drinking beer from a bong and paddling naked pledges when he was at Texas A&M. I don't know. I do know that he has a reprehensible vocabulary that does little besides raise up a symbolic middle finger to the Lord our God.

Now I suppose it's an ear-tickling enough song. It's catchy, but as they say, so are the scabies. And that's what we behold here, something that the young people will draw near to because of its pleasing qualities, unknowing of the dark forces at work inside the MP3. Every time someone plays "Too Good to Call," a demon gets its horns. I believe I have had to raise up this young singer in prayer before but it looks like I will have to get a whole prayer circle together tonight.


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