Mar 29, 2014

So, Trailer Got Interviewed...

Reposted with permission from Jessica Blankenship.

There are many blogs that feature country music, but none are quite as unique as Farce the Music. The website features witty jokes, as well as focus on showcasing musicians you may have never heard of. The teams of writers behind the blog have kept it going for several years. I was able to speak with the main owner, Trailerparkman, recently on the success of the blog. Be sure to check it out at and his online store.
Jessica Blankenship: What possessed you to start the blog, Farce the Music?
Farce the Music (FTM): It started out as a place to display parodied album covers (an idea I blatantly stole). After a couple months I realized I'd run out of material eventually if that's all I did, so it slowly evolved into a source for satire of Music Row's shortcomings. I once had dreams of being a country lyricist and I was pretty good at it (even had a few co-writes published). I'm too introverted to be a schmoozer and couldn't afford to move to Nashville, so that career never came to fruition, but it did help me see the trends, fads and absurdities of the mainstream country that comes out of Nashville.
Jessica: How did you come up with the name Farce the Music?
FTM: It started out as Photocrap. That was a stupid name. I taxed my feeble mind and came up with a dopey pun (playing off "face the music") which stuck.
Jessica: You are not afraid to make fun of the music industry and some of the major players. Is there anyone that you later met and went "oops, I shouldn't have done that?"
FTM: No. I may have changed my personal assumptions about a few (Casey Donahew & Shooter Jennings for two), but I'm still going to pick on them for shallow and childish reasons, regardless of whether I'm a fan or not. I'm an equal opportunity offender.
Jessica: Have you met anyone famous that has said they love what you do?
FTM: Is Shooter famous? Cody Canada, Rob Baird, Casey Donahew…they all understand where I'm coming from. Online, I've "met" Charlie Worsham, Ray Wylie Hubbard…Jake Owen may or may not be a fan. There's a long list of Texas artists and alt-country folks who've stated their glowing approval. A few Nashville songwriters and publicists have said they appreciate what I do. Florida-Georgia Line follows me on Twitter, but I think that's more a case of "keep your enemies closer…"
Jessica: Who has the worst fans to over react to a post?
FTM: It used to be Brantley Gilbert fans till they figured out what a troll I am. Recently, Blackjack Billy fans are pretty testy (when their moms let them have internet time).
Jessica: Besides yourself, who else do you use to guest blog?
FTM: Matthew Martin, Kelcy Salisbury and Jeremy Harris are the most frequent contributors. Matthew's great for live show reviews. Kelcy's good at promoting artists and albums that aren't as much in my wheelhouse, but are awesome for the genre(s) nonetheless. Jeremy, when he's not in jail, is as funny or funnier than I am with the memes and lists and whatnot.
Jessica: How do you keep your content so fresh and so clean clean? (sorry, started singing the song)
FTM: If something makes me laugh, I figure it will work for the blog. So basically, I'm just entertaining myself and the fact that lots of other people get a kick out of it is icing on the cake.
Jessica: Why do you think your blog is successful?
FTM: I say what a lot of people think about the state of popular music. Also, people get a kick out of the trash talking. I think most know that, in general, very little of my picking is out of pure mean-spiritedness.
Jessica: Speed Round - Which do you like better?
Truck Songs vs Chew Tobacco Chew Tobacco Chew Tobacco Spit
FTM: Well, since you gave me a little rope, I'd go with the truck songs. There are a couple of decent ones out of the thousands released, but "Boys Round Here" is a foul abomination.
Jessica: Wagon Wheel vs Folsom Prison as the most overdone cover song
FTM: Wagon Wheel, unquestionably. I actually didn't hate Darius' version, but I never want to hear it again.
Jessica: Scott Borchetta vs Scott Borchetta
FTM: The fact that he blocked me on Twitter for a little trolling proves he has very thin skin. Besides ego, he also has a little "Peter Pan" syndrome going on, with his constant use of slang and being buddy-buddy with Swifties.
Jessica: Introduce me to a few of your favorite "unknown" musicians that you think others should know about?
FTM: If by "unknown," you mean unknown nationally, here are a few: Sturgill Simpson is an awesome throwback of a country singer and writer. The Bigsbys are a cool roots-rock outfit out of Texas with broad appeal. Lydia Loveless is great. John Moreland, Jimbo Mathus, Brandy Clark, Lee Bains III & The Glory Fires… all excellent.
Jessica: Is there anyone on your bucket list to meet...or create a meme?
FTM: Who wouldn't want to meet George Strait? Willie Nelson too. I create memes about anybody and everybody though.
Jessica: Any random factoid we should know?
FTM: I've never been in a Starbucks. How's that? I was born in the same town as Mickey Gilley and former bull-riding champion Chris Shivers, but I wasn't born in Texas. I've been in a Twitter fight with Blake Shelton.
Jessica: Can you guess the height of Justin Wells of Fifth on the Floor? You might get a prize.
FTM: I'm guessing around 6'2". He's not absurdly tall, just huge. Like WWE huge.
Jessica: Say something nice about Rita Ballou of
FTM: I have actually met Rita in person and she is a sweetheart. She's nowhere near the monster some have assumed her to be. She just likes gossip. Who doesn't? I think we are kindred souls, even though I'm not sure how Ike (her hubby) puts up with all the trashy reality TV she loves.

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