Feb 9, 2015

The Gospel According to Kanye


  1. I'm genuinely wondering if Kanye has ever listened to a Beck album. Even if it's not his preferred style of music, dissing Beck as not "creative" is so far off-point it's laughable. I haven't listened to his newer stuff, but Odelay and Mutations remain two of the more musically creative albums in my collection.

  2. Just saw Shelby Lynne's reaction on twitter

    "Cool trivia. Beck, Morning phase: Written by: Beck. Produced by: Beck. Beyonce, Beyonce: Written by: 30+ people. Produced by: 16 people."

  3. Beck clearly deserved this. "Morning Phase" is his best album since "Sea Change", in my opinion............which isn't surprising considering "Morning Phase" picks up right where "Sea Change" left off as a concept album.

    I've also listened to all of Beyonce's albums over the years, including when she was with Destiny's Child............and I actually consider her self-titled album among her weakest efforts."4" was easily a superior album (and her best to date)............and even its predecessors (which have stand-out singles and deeper cuts, but overall I didn't care for) sounded a lot more dignified than her current album. "Beyonce" is a current textbook definition of style over substance. It may have an all-star ensemble of hit producers, songwriters and a small handful of features.....................but once you digest it, it's really just more of the same schtick Beyonce has long peddled with a more expensive production budget than "4": some faux-third wave feminist chest-beating boasts, some aggressively feisty but lyrically unimaginative sex romps, and some middle-of-the-road ballads and/or slow jams to show her vulnerable side.

    "Morning Phase" does a fabulous job conceptually fathoming the aftermath of the break-up "Sea Change" represented as a conceptual work................and the nuances the two characters wade in trying to move on along the way...............and has poignant production to back it up. A well-deserved win.

  4. And while we're on the subject.........................what the flying fudge is Kanye's obsession over Beyonce about anyway?

    He sounds like a fanboy who has veered off the rails at breakneck speed and desperately wants to screw her. Wonder what Kim Kardashian thinks about this? (she didn't look enthused standing alongside him at the Grammy after-party) ;)



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