Mar 3, 2015

Single Review: Gary Allan - Hangover Tonight

Gary Allan returns with a radio-friendly sexytime song, but is it any good? In a word, mostly. Chris Stapleton, Gary, and a couple other guys co-wrote this bluesy, boozy track and it's got a light-hearted feel that texturally fits mainstream's sonic sensibilities better than anything Gary's released in a while. It's modern, catchy, and though laid-back, it has that tempo thing radio desires. So, good for us and radio - we'll be hearing Gary on the airwaves for months to come. My only quibble with the song is that it gives off a vague air of blandness - though the hook of the song is unique enough - there's something of a generic feel to the song. It lacks a real burn, lacks that one ├╝ber-memorable line. I suppose that's a part of the give and take required to make a song palatable for casual listeners, but it manages to take this tune a few notches down from Allan's best work. Still, it's infinity better than Aldean's recent creepy drinking-and-doing-it tune "Burnin' it Down," and it's great to have Gary back.

Grade: Somewhere between B and B+

I think you can listen to it at Taste of Country, but I'm not linking to them... sorry.

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