Nov 6, 2015

TwitterFAIL Special Edition: #whoischrisstapleton

How dare they let a country singer win a Country Music Association award, right?
Foul language ahead!


  1. Wow... Unbelievable... I don't know when the U.F.O. dropped these goofs off on Earth, but I guess nobody wants them back.

  2. These nutcases need to find a different genre of music. They do not know what true country music is. It's NOT rappers or wantabees. I laughed so hard because FGL had to follow a freaking religious experience. Chris Stapleton is country music... there is the answer to all you nuts asking who he is. WOW

  3. These people are clueless. They couldn't find their ass even if their head was shoved up it. Dumbasses.

  4. Shaking my head at all the clueless people who think Sam Hunt of all people should have won over Chris Stapleton! They are why "country" radio plays so much crap instead of true country music.



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