Apr 11, 2016

Jason Aldean Miraculously Loses 15 Pounds Overnight!

This post has self-destructed

Or at least, I got rid of most of the pictures...The original photo is from a certain major stock photo agency, and I don't care to speak with their lawyers... (even though this should be protected as commentary). So we just put this info out there for a bit. If anyone wants to see photos/gifs from this post in the future, you can email Trailer at: (the name of this site) @gmail.com

Here's the photo of Jason Aldean winning his ACM for Entertainer of the Year, April 3rd. 


Here's an ad from Jason's record company, congratulating Aldean for that win. 
This ran in Country Aircheck on April 4th.

And here's a slice of that ad to match the positioning of the original (found by Google search).


Now, the fun part.



Did you catch that? No? Well, here it is with helpful red circles.



Draw your own conclusions, but it's pretty obvious. 
Farce the Music did not alter these photos in any way besides 
creating the gifs and adding the circles. 

Thanks to Vickye Fisher of For the Country Record for the scoop. 
She thought the ad might have been adjusted a bit,
and our gifs seem to prove her eyesight quite keen.

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