Sep 20, 2017

Readers Meme Midland

I haven't had it in me to meme Midland yet, mostly because I really like their songs. 
Maybe these memes sent in by readers will get me inspired to 'hate' on 'em.

Sent in by Matt Brucker

Idea by Keith Irwin


  1. These are dumb. Until Midland releases something worthy of satire and mockery, then lets not hurt the cause, retaining some semblance of country music in the mainstream. I just listened to their new song from the upcoming LP, and it's fantastic -- pure country. I hope it's a sign of what the rest of the album sounds like. And who cares if they like to dress-up? Geeze, some people (most internet meme creators) need to get a life.

    1. I mean, I like them a lot. Their new album will be the first thing I listen to Friday. But we pick on everybody and there's a large segment of followers who aren't keen on Midland, mostly because of their look and issues with authenticity. I don't think a couple of memes is going to hurt their momentum a bit. ~Trailer

  2. I'm excited for Midland.
    Drinkin' Problem was a great start for them.



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