Jul 16, 2019

Honest Radio Promo Ad: Blanco Brown "The Git Up"

Hey Chris in the comments (I can’t reply for some reason): I’m saying they’ll be called racist, as they were about “Old Town Road.” No, I believe  radio is fully commerce driven.

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  1. How do you not understand this?

    Yeah, stuff like Aldean, FGL and Rhett isn't country, but it's a product of the country music industry. It's cut in Nashville, released on country labels, marketed via country channels. These people call themselves country, they play the game.

    Lil Nas X doesn't tick any of those boxes. Not only does his music have no connection to country, he's not even connected to the country industry or scene, mainstream or underground, in any way. Literally the only thing country about Old Town Road is that it was deceptively categorised as country before people got wind.

    Country radio is a corporate wasteland, but you know it's not racist. They'll play Kane Brown or Darius Rucker in a heartbeat. Hell, if a black version of Thomas Rhett showed up, they'd be all over the guy, patting themselves on the back for how diverse they are.

    It's one thing to criticize country radio for playing crap, but there are a load of people out there who think country music is racist and giving fuel to their narrative is not helpful for real country music - it'll just drive people away from the genre.



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