Dec 19, 2019

Road Dispatch / Dalton Domino / Roswell, GA

On the heels of his critically acclaimed breakthrough album Songs From The Exile, Dalton Domino has eschewed traditional venue-based touring in favor of a daunting, national, 50-set house show circuit. Dalton and tour manager Doug explained that they put out some social media feelers and were bombarded by more than 600 email responses in just a few hours.

This tour stop in East Cobb County was organized by the fine folks at Georgia Red Dirt Country, who go above and beyond to promote music from the Lone Star Republic, right here in the Thirteenth Colony.

Domino is in fine storytelling form in this intimate setting, a nice quiet place for a song about a little sister who got taken away, “Half Blood.”

One of a bunch of great songs that made Songs From The Exile my album of the year.

And once again, thanks to the awesome @dirt_Georgia for the hospitality & kindred musical spirit. They’re a must-follow for the Red Dirt fan in Georgia.

~Kevin B.

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  1. dalton has got the songwriting soon as he develops a tolerable personality, there's going to be no stoping him.



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