Nov 2, 2020

Monday Morning Memes: Dallas Cowboys, Florida-Georgia Line, Alan Jackson


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  1. I agree partially with the Alan Jackson meme in that Florida Georgia Line would probably think that "Hank" refers to Hank Jr. and not his father. But the big mistake here is making it look like Alan Jackson (the Nickelback of country music) is some "country traditionalist" that wouldn't approve of bro-country acts like Florida Georgia Line when the opposite is true. The reality is, of course, that Alan Jackson practically invented bro-country and paved the way for hacks like Florida Georgia Line, Luke Bryan, Sam Hunt, Brantley Gilbert, etc. In fact, I bet that Alan Jackson (the Nickelback of country music) also probably never heard of Hank Sr. and thought that "Hank" referred to his son Hank Jr. before his record label forced him to make the music video for "Midnight in Montgomery". The only reason why I can think of as to why the Jackson made that stupid song is to fool country fans into thinking he's some sort of "traditionalist", but if the music video for that song were real, Hank Sr.'s ghost would've slapped Jackson like how Moe Howard slapped Larry, Curly, and Shemp in the Three Stooges.

    As for Alan Jackson's alleged cover of "We Dem Boyz" ( ), the video was filmed over an Alan Jackson concert to make it look like Alan Jackson was doing a cover of Wiz Khalifa's "We Dem Boyz", while in reality, he was really playing "Remember When" while a Florida Georgia Line cover of the Wiz Khalifa song played on my two Sony stereos (Sony MHC-GX450 and Sony LBT-GPX77) in the background.




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