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Feb 2, 2023

More Classical Painting Country Memes

 Part 1

Wrasslin' Country Reaction Gifs #67

*language warning*

When you left 49 Winchester off the weekend playlist

Local amphitheater: "Huge announcement! Luke Bryan is coming back for a show this year!"

When they ask why I'm whistling along to Isbell's "Elephant"
RIP Jay Briscoe

In my head, every time a tall dude stands in front of me at the concert and talks to his friends through songs

How do you keep your feet on the ground
when you know

When Tyler Childers breaks out "Ever Lovin' Hand" at a show

Still better than listening to a Kane Brown song

Every bro dude on my Facebook after calling FGL Brokeback Mountain

When one of your wife's friends is getting married the night of the Turnpike show

What do you really think of Aldean?

Jan 27, 2023

Hardy Fan Starter Pack

Giddy Up

Innovative Country Singer to Release Song About Alcoholic Beverages

An up and coming pop-country artist is about to change the country music game forever with a visionary new thematic element. 

Cade Lance has everything else you need to be a country star in 2023. He’s got the looks. He’s 6’3”. He’s a former community college tight end from the south. He sings okay, and his music is suitably inoffensive and sonically similar to what is currently the accepted sound for mainstream country radio. He's got two first names. But he’s not satisfied with being granted a default C-list status for those worthy attributes; he wants to stand out from the pack.

“We’re about to break this thing wide open,” smiled the boyishly handsome Lance. “I mean, everybody enjoys a nice cold beer every now and then, but you never hear anybody sing about it. This felt like discovering a new continent or something.” Lance says the song dropped into his lap during a song-writing session with an old buddy. 

“Yeah Greg Ashley and I were bouncing some ideas off each other before the other 7 writers got to the session, and Greg was sipping on a Miller Lite, when a light bulb went off,” laughed Lance. “I said ‘Greg, what do we do almost every single day and especially on the weekends that nobody ever sings about?'” Lance says Greg suddenly stared at the white can in his hand and gasped.

“We immediately hopped in his truck and left; told the other writers we couldn’t make it,” said the singer. “We couldn’t have anybody else in on this absolutely groundbreaking concept; this was our discovery of the wheel if you will.”

The pair drove into the country and found an open field to park in and partake in more of said alcoholic beverages. The song seemed to fall out of the sky when they picked up their guitars. While Lance wouldn’t tell us the title, he intimated that it was likely a genius pun using the word beer in place of something that rhymes with beer. 

“This is gonna be f***ing huge!” said a clearly ecstatic Lance. “It may save country music.”

At press time, Cade Lance was rushing the song to radio as he heard rumors that droves of Nashville songwriters had caught wind of his disruptive new idea.

Jan 26, 2023

Abbott Elementary Country Reaction Gifs

Me about to answer "shit" when somebody asks what kind of music Florida-Georgia Line made

"Hey, check out this new Hardy album. Like it?"

Your favorite singer or band announcing a tour

Scrolling through the comments under a Morgan Wallen meme

Telling war stories of listening to 30 seconds of a Walker Hayes song

Y'all okay if we play the pop country station as background music at the luncheon?

Girl, if you think Jason Aldean is one of the greats...


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