Jun 18, 2021

Pop-Country Singer Awaiting Focus Group’s Decision on What He Should Eat for Breakfast

A pop-country superstar is currently awaiting word from his own personal focus group on what he should partake of for his morning meal.

The committee is currently hung up on the likely outcomes of the choice between whole-grain waffles with light powdered sugar and strawberries or a bowl of plain Cheerios and a large banana.

While Ricardo, the singer’s personal trainer, believes the latter choice would be a better energy source for the busy day of photo shoots and radio station visits ahead, Lisa, his stylist/handler, is certain that the strawberries would appeal more to the females in the Holiday Inn's continental breakfast room right now.

His manager, Frank, sees both sides of the coin but is on Lisa's side because she promised to refill his ice bucket when they return from the day's promotional activities.

The popular singer, according to his latest Tweet, is growing quite hungry and would really like to have the buttermilk pancakes with heavy syrup and real butter, with a side of bacon and a large cup of coffee, but he knows that's not happening.

Lester Johnston, southeastern sales rep for Siemens, who has no idea who the hell any of these people are, is growing quite pissed that they won't move out of the way so he can get some damn Frosted Flakes and a cherry pastry. On second thought, Lester thinks maybe he has seen the kid in the news recently. Something about getting lost on his own 40 acre property or whatever.

by Trailer - Original version posted on Country California Monday, July 27, 2009

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