Mar 23, 2022

Top 10 Things You’ll Never Hear a Dan + Shay Fan Say

10. Yes, I’ll take the extra spicy chicken. And put some hot sauce in the bag

9. Sad songs make me happy

8. What’s the point of a gender reveal party? Just send everyone a nice card after you find out

7. The country music on the radio these days is just so bereft of depth and authenticity

6. I don’t think I’ll post the pics from our third trip to Disney World this year on Facebook or Instagram. It’s a bit much

5. No, you go to the Junior League fashion show without me

4. Is that Waylon Jennings, man? Well turn it up!

3. It’s cool that you brought your extended family who happen to be of Puerto Rican decent to our gated community’s pool. Of course I won’t call the police

2. Yes, this is wine, officer. You should arrest me and not take into account that my husband is a lawyer and a big wig on the school board

1. No, I don’t need to speak to the manager

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