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Sep 29, 2023

Lori McKenna Album Bundle Comes with Tissues, Cooling Eye Mask

New album rollouts and merchandising have become more fun and unique in recent years, with artists offering different packages and bundles to sate the hardcore fan and the casuals alike. Many of them play into themes of the albums or upcoming tours, customizing the listener’s experience with t-shirts, bookmarks, posters, and other items to go along with the CDs or vinyl.

Lori McKenna, an esteemed country-folk singer/songwriter, has gone an extra step with one of her recent releases. Long known for heartfelt stories of real life hardship, grief, and heartache, McKenna is leaning into her assumedly despondent vibe. 

As one might expect, the 1988 Rainy Weekend Bundle includes a copy of 1988 on black vinyl, a Lori tee, and temporary tattoos. Here’s where the marketing synergy begins. This deluxe package, priced at $69.95, also includes Kleenex Ultra Soft tissue, Clear Eyes Redness Relief eye drops, a swelling reducing cooling eye mask, and a coupon for wine. 

“We thought we’d give the fans something they were going to have to buy after they listen to this album anyway,” said McKenna. “This will save them a red-faced, snotty sleeved trip to Kroger!”

McKenna, who has made a career out of making listeners disconsolate, said if this option sells well, she may add it to the merch table at shows. “Then they won’t walk out of my concerts looking like somebody told them their dog died while rescuing a child from the creek and the child also died.” laughed McKenna, oddly.

At press time, McKenna was Googling to see if American Aquarium has a copyright on “Sad songs make me happy.”

Dec 21, 2022

Farce the Music's Top 36 Songs of 2022


 1. Kaitlin Butts - Blood

2. Adeem the Artist - Middle of a Heart

3. Jamestown Revival - Young Man

4. Plains - I Walked With You a Ways

5. Drew Kennedy - Peace and Quiet

6. Michaela Anne - Oh to Be That Free Again

7. 49 Winchester - Russell County Line

8. Big Thief - Certainty

9. Bonnie Raitt - Just Like That

10. Arlo McKinley - Stealing Dark from the Night Sky

11. Jason Scott & The High Heat - Suffering Eyes

12. Madeline Edwards - Port City

13. Kendell Marvel - Dyin' Isn't Cheap

14. Aaron Raitiere - Everybody Else

15. Ray Wylie Hubbard ft. Lzzy Hale & John 5 - Naturally Wild

16. Miko Marks & The Resurrectors - This Time

17. Ian Noe - Road May Flood/It's a Heartache

18. Pusha T - Rock N Roll

19. Hailey Whitters - College Town

20. Gabe Lee - Wide Open

21. Tami Neilson & Willie Nelson - Beyond the Stars

22. Randall King - Around Forever

23. The Wilder Blue - Feelin' the Miles

24. Band of Horses - In the Hard Times

25. Ashley McBryde/Caylee Hammack/Brandy Clark - Bonfire at Tina's

26-35 not ranked

Ben Chapman & Channing Wilson - Things People Say

American Aquarium - Just Close Enough

Zoe Cummins & Gabe Lee - Common Law

Bri Bagwell - Old Together

King Margo - Wildfire

Vandoliers - Before the Fall

Wade Bowen - Burning Both Ends of the Bar

Julie Roberts - When You Wake Up (in the Bed You Made)

John Fullbright - Social Skills

Charley Crockett - Trinity River

Sunny Sweeney ft. Vince Gill - Married Alone


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