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May 5, 2017

FYI: Moonrunners is Back for Year 5

by Robert Dean

Back for its 5th year, Moonrunners Festival is finally here. And this time, it’s loaded for bear. Kicking off today on Chicago’s South Side, at its perennial home, Reggie’s, Moonrunners is ready to be the best country festival many don’t know about.

Moonrunners has always been about staying scrappy, rolling with the underdogs, and being the festival for the acts who deserve the spotlight but may not be the household names that get tossed around, thanks to Nashville’s money machine. But, that’s why the whole twisted experiment works and continues to be Chicago’s best springtime party, year after year. A drunken bonanza of personalities, radical music and crushed cans of PBR, Moonrunners offers a weekend getaway, a retreat that feels like a summer camp. Bands party with one another while friends from around the country pass out hugs and get reacquainted – away from Facebook.

It’s a great pleasure to have been involved with Moonrunners, the website when it existed. Because of that time, I’ve created some many friendships that have lasted over the years. It’s also a fond memory of mine to have participated in the first two festivals. It’s such a drunken blur, I hardly remember a lot of it, but I know I had an excellent time. It breaks my heart that I can’t be in Chicago to celebrate the music, see some old friends, and get loose. One day, I’ll get back, and it’s going to be wonderful.

If you’re anywhere near Chicago, I’d grab a bag and hit the road. Let’s be honest: festivals usually suck ass. Not Moonrunners, though. Because it’s held in an indoor venue, the stage times are manageable, and the vibe isn’t a bunch of assholes clogging the joint up. Instead, it’s a community feeling with a lot of cool folks.

There’s a little something for everyone. Give everyone a hug for me. There will be a lot of good people in Reggie’s this weekend. You can count on that.

PS. Here are some quick Chicago pro-tips:

Chicago pizza isn’t that deep dish shit. That’s for tourists. Get a pizza delivered from Phil’s on 35th
Go grab dinner in Chinatown. You’re only blocks away
Eat an Italian beef @ Al’s in Little Italy
Never put ketchup on your hotdog, ever
The White Sox are the superior baseball team, despite whatever Trailer tries to tell you

Lineup and Schedule

Friday May 5th

2:45- James Hunnicutt- Rock Club
3:25- Jimmy Swope- Music Joint
3:55- Gary Moore II- Rock Club
4:35- Viva Le Vox- Rock Club
5:05- Pearls Mahone- Music Joint
5:35- Stump Tail Dolly- Rock Club
6:05- Mystery Actions- Music Joint
6:35- Jesse Dayton- Rock Club
7:15- Jeff Shepherd- Music Joint
7:45- Hooten Hallers- Rock Club
8:30- That Ol’ Coondog- Music Joint
9:00- Scott H. Biram- Rock Club
10:25- Brittany Avery- Music Joint
11:00- Legendary Shack Shakers- Rock Club
12:00- Urban Pioneers- Music Joint

Saturday, May 6th

11:15- Bad Saddles- Music Joint
11:45- The Decayed (members of Last False Hope)- Rock Club
12:05- Soda Gardocki- Music Joint
12:40- Husky Burnette- Music Joint
1:05- Brett Conlin- Rock Club
1:40- Devil’s Cut- Rock Club
1:55- AJ Gaither- Music Joint
2:25- Matt Woods- Rock Club
3:00- Duane Mark- Music Joint
3:35- Still Alive- Music Joint
4:10- Adam Lee- Rock Club
4:45- SS Web- Rock Club
5:15- Evil Empire- Music Joint
5:45- Rachel Brooke- Rock Club
6:35- Last False Hope- Rock Club
7:05- Ted Russell Kamp- Music Joint
7:40- Shawn James- Music Joint
8:10- Call me Bronco- Rock Club
8:45- Won’t Stay Dead- Music Joint
9:20- Left Lane Cruiser- Rock Club
10:00- James Hunnicutt- Music Joint
10:35- Escape from the Zoo (members of Days N’ Daze)- Music Joint
11:05- Joseph Huber- Rock Club
12:00- Shooter Jennings- Rock Club

Apr 26, 2014

Late Saturday Night Music: Hooten Hallers Live from Moonrunners II

Jeremy recorded this last night, the first night of this year's Moonrunners Festival. It rocks.


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