Sep 15, 2010

Little Known Facts IV

Emily West wants you to stop stalking her on Twitter.

Taylor Swift's main concern in her career is seeking the adulation and respect of bloggers.

Billy Joe Shaver can play ping-pong with one arm tied behind his back and the other holding a beer.

90s counry star Michael Peterson wonders if you'd like to try BK's new Steakhouse Burger today.

The name Lady Antebellum, loosely translated in latin, means "pretentiously random."

Tim McGraw was born in Delhi.

At least 29 different Georgia, Alabama and Tennessee residents listed "Zac Brown Band" as their employer on last year's tax returns.

Chuck Wicks once looked out over a long autograph line and remarked to his bassist "Do you think we'll get to meet Josh Turner by 3?"

Garth Brooks is frequently brought to tears when critics say he is the cause of country music straying from its roots. He is also brought to tears by carpet burns, Hallmark commercials and very special episodes of The Cosby Show.

Big Kenny is nice.

Faith Hill is a very hands-on mother, says Felicia Ortega, one of the McGraws' Monday nannies.


  1. The best Very Special Episode of all time wasn't the Cosby show but was Different Strokes. Remember when Gordon Jump played a kid toucher who wanted to molest Dudley? That was quality entertainment.

    Also, does this episode of the "Fresh Prince" qualify as "Very Special?" Will met a fat chick who was his friend but then they kinda had romantic feelings for each other but then Will thought he should dump her cuz she was fat and she would "ruin his rep" so to speak. And he had to wrestle with his morals over whether to dump someone who was nice and he liked just cuz she was FAT!? I think its not quite "very special" territory but still quality programming.

    Country music kinda has some "Very Special" Songs. I think "Alyssa Lies" has got to be at the top of the list. Maybe there should be a list of very special country songs.

  2. Love it, love it. 'Specially the Faith Hill observation.



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