Nov 14, 2010

Top Ten Shortest Books by Country Artists II

10. How to Stay Out of the Public Eye - by Billy Ray Cyrus

09. An Illustrated Guide to My Sleeved Wardrobe - by Kenny Chesney

08. Time Spent on Craig Wiseman's Table - an autobiography by the late McDouble with cheese

07. Avoiding Douchebaggery and General Mayhem - by John Rich

06. Songs I Wouldn't Cut - by Craig Morgan

05. Staying Clean: A Guide to Sexual Health and Responsibility - by Trent Tomlinson

04. Growing Your 401K the Sammy Way - by Sammy Kershaw

03. How to Be a Real Outlaw - by Jason Aldean

02. I Pledge Allegiance to Country: Our Love of Tradition - by Sugarland

01. How to Be a Realer Outlaw... Dammit - by Eric Church


  1. How to be a real outlaw and dammit certainly raised a smile on my face...dammit I miss those outlaws (Cash, Waylon, Nelson, etc.)

  2. that's an interesting book for John Rich to write now only if we could get him to actually READ it



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