Jun 20, 2012

So You Don't Have to Play Me Anymore

So You Don't Have to Play Me Anymore
(Parody of Alan Jackson's "So You Don't Have to Love Me Anymore")

I’ll be the old guy,
I’ll let you pass by,
Just hit fade out,
Cause I'm an old bore
I’ll join AARP,
Eat liver and mincemeat,
So you don’t have to play me anymore.

When you make a playlist,
And my twang ain't on it,
Tell ‘em I'm not good like before,
Just crank some Aldean,
Cause I'm from a tired scene,
So you don’t have to play me anymore.

I will go,
To some nice rest home, and watch Matlock.
Or maybe Jay Leno.
And when you long,
For my old songs,
Play them on the legends show.

If the words I'm singin',
Bout heartache and drinkin',
Make you want to lay down and snore,
You can retire me
To Sansabelt blue jeans,
So you don’t have to play me anymore.

Yeah, I will eat,
Figs and cottage cheese in my rocker.
Yeah, out on some front porch.
So play Luke Bryan,
I've had my time,
I'll go play some shuffleboard.

If you want to come see a show,
I might play a casino,
But you don’t have to play me anymore.


  1. Sad but true, tho our station played the bejeepers out of that one. Good one, Tralier

  2. Definitely a funny song. But is it really sad, like the other anonymous says. I guess so - except that when Alan broke out in 1989, some other old guy got bumped from radio to make room for him. Yeah, its sad, but is there any other way?

    I'd also say something else about Jackson. Its true that "So You Don't Have To Love Me Anymore" is an awesome song and I wish it would get more play. But some of Alan's recent singles are "Long Way To Go" "The Bologna Song," "Sissys Song" "Its Just That Way" "Hard Hat and A Hammer" and the like.

    For the last 3 years, thats what A.J. has been sending out to radio. Those songs aren't good singles, I really can't blame radio for not playing those more. If Alan's career is winding down, some of that is due to 3 years of sending junk to radio. At some level, perhaps radio deserves credit for not playing these songs more even though AJ is/was a major star. I do wish however, that he could have gotten back on the air with "You Don't Have To Love Me Anymore."

  3. This parody, which is actually very a very sad truth, is killer. I just can't stand the thought of AJ being "old." Like a country radio that ceases to spin the latest George Strait single. Those two have held their traditionalist position through many a changing atmosphere and still come out on top.

    I actually don't dislike Luke Bryan as much as others seem to. He tries to at least keep his music somewhat country even though the hot girl and truck references are nauseating. He remains me a lot of an updated Tim McGraw, the Tim McGraw from the "Everywhere" days. I could see Luke singing "Where The Green Grass Grows." Maybe he'll cover it in concert and someone will think its a country oldie. I shutter to think...

    Anyhow, I pretty much love the idea of change, but not in favor of pushing out traditionalism. That Chris Young's excellent "Neon" isn't a smash at radio is a crime. At 25, maybe I'm too much of the old guard myself!

    My bitterness runs deep at the current state of country music.



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