Sep 23, 2009

.99 Review: Carrie Underwood "Cowboy Casanova"

.99 Review
Carrie Underwood
"Cowboy Casanova"

The People's Take

Seizes to amaze!!!!! (5 Stars) – Carrie has done it again with her newest single! Can't wait for the new album!!!!!!<3
-Leah Cristine

She's a money-making machine. (5 Stars) – Good for Carrie. Once again, she churns out another hit. You go girl.
-legal-eagle-for-music (Please don't sue me!)

On Her Way To Being the G.O.A.T. (Greatest Of All Time) (5 Stars) – This Song Is Great And Carrie Is Proboly The Most Talented Artist In Music Today No One Can Top Her Vocally And As We All See Here No One Can Top Her Songs Either I Cant Wait To Plan On November 3rd (C U 11/3)

Cowboy Casanova? (2 Stars) – Boring and cheesy song.

My Take

Oh who am I kidding? I'm just reviewing this so I could post that person's iTunes review that says "Seizes to amaze!!!!!" My review is pretty much pointless after that blast of awesomeness! I'll give it a go anyway.

My first impression: It's possibly the furthest thing from country ever played on country radio. This is a pop song - that is a matter of fact and there is no room for debate. I guess it's a somewhat catchy pop song, though the Shania-esque "oohhh whoa's" are hellafied annoying. The only thing country about this is the title. Oh sure, it'll be a #1 smash and is probably a great lead single for her forthcoming album, but it won't reverberate across time with its artistic excellence(or even above average-ness). It won't even reverberate across my ear drums again if I can help it.

Musically this recalls Kelly Clarkson, Shania and Joan Jett. Vocally it recalls her own "American Girl" with its overreaching screams. Lyrically, it recalls every song ever written about a guy who isn't all he appears. The words bring absolutely nothing new to the table - there's nary a clever turn of phrase to be heard. I'd go as far as to say they're some of the least interesting lyrics I have ever heard in a commercial country song - wow, there's even a big name songwriter attached to this.

Overall, the tune brings the term "country" as it relates to the mainstream portion of the genre, a great deal closer to irrelevancy. I'm going to listen to some BettySoo now.

Total value: .22/.99

The Checklist

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Dying Person
County Fair
Lost Love
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  1. Disagree. Your review shows a bias and inability to be impartial to Carrie.

    The song is incredible, and it is both catchy, well written, and one of the best songs to hit country radio in years!

    Carrie does NOT scream! Her voice is actually reigned in here, as she doesn't have any big high notes. She sounds incredible vocally, and the song is definetly country at its core.

    Sure, there is some Shania in there somwhere, but tht is a good thing, not a bad thing. And if it is a little bit pop meets country meets rock, so what?

    Taylor swift isn't remotely country in any way shape or form...and she remixes all her songs to pop shamelessly, but gets away with it. So honestly, if Taylor can get away with pop, why can't Carrie release a pop-country song? At least Carrie doesn't remix her songs to sell out to pop like Taylor. And at least Carrie can sing! The song rocks, and so does Carrie.

    Score: 95 out of 99! Go Carrie!

  2. I pretty much concur with that assessment.

    On the other hand, in a shallower observation, has Underwood hooked up with a new stylist? In the most recent crop of publicity photos, she seems to have been dressed and styled be someone who isn't functionally blind, which is a nice change.

  3. You did not just say BettySoo. Love her!

    Why Is The Person In The Review Above Typing Like He's Writing A Title? Except, It Would Still Be Grammatically Incorrect.

    Reading your reviews remind me why I never listen to current country radio. Thanks for doing the dirty work!

  4., aren't ALL reviewers biased to some degree?

  5. All reviewers are biased, as are all listeners and pretty much everybody on earth period. You know who isn't biased? Robots.

  6. Robots like Carrie Underwood?

  7. I've never heard anyone referred to as a G.O.A.T., but I'll definitely be adding that to my musical vocabulary.

    Hilarious as always!

  8. Holy Photoshop Batman! what happened to her in that album cover picture? Did you do that, Trailer? Her head can't belong on that body, can it? Her neck is now part of her shoulders instead of above them. The arms are totally fake, and her hand looks too big. The hair over one eye looks drawn in too. Somebody send that to Photoshop disasters!

    the song matches the cover art: mangled.

  9. This review was spot on. I only have one thing to add....this song is like poop on a popsicle stick.

  10. Kim, I did nothing to the cover but change the title. Scary huh?

    Thanks for all the feedback! To #1, I actually kinda like Carrie sometimes, but I hate this song. I'm very biased against this piece of manure.

  11. One of the first thing many reviewers said is that finally she is not screeching. She is doing a great job on it.

  12. I said screaming, not screeching. And I'm no kinda reviewer.

  13. Wow. Couple of her other new promo pictures are just as bad as that one. Nasville gab has them (link wonn't copy for some reason). The one at the top of the post is pretty bad.

  14. The comparisons of Carrie Underwood and Taylor (ain't so) Swift is that they are both blonde. Carrie can actually sing well, but (ain't so) cain't so...Does it matter that she "sold out" to pop? If I could make millions being a poser, I would certainly do it, too. I just don't know why people say that (ain't so) Swift is a good singer. But then, rap music wasn't supposed to last very long, either. Go figure.
    And Carrie's cover is kinda cute. Photoshopped? Who cares, Carrie?

  15. I like music, A LOT, but if I could only listen to 1 artist for the rest of my life it would be Carrie Underwood. Somebody said she is well on the way to being the 'Greatest of all time' and in my eyes at least she already is. Noone comes close to Carrie.

    The sales will speak for themselves and I don't think many would be foolish to bet against Cowboy Casanova and Play on hitting number 1.

  16. Carrie looks just like Kelly Clarkson in this picture. Don't tell me you didn't make that happpen! That's the part I loved about this!

    You will not be surprised, but I enjoy this song. Of course, I have loved Carrie since her Idol days - especially after I met her - and you know I am super loyal. BUT, I can admit that I agree with your review. (And I promise I don't say that so that you will watch the kids while I go shopping later.)



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