Dec 17, 2009

Top 10 Wishes on Any Real Good ol' Boy's Christmas List

(according to country music)

10. A second winch (in case the first one burns out)

9. Gift certificate to Beer and Pork Rinds Emporium

8. False teeth (to replace ones lost due to Skoal dipping)

7. A case of Skoal

6. David Allan Coe discography (on cassette tape)

5. A triple barrel shotgun (to shoot beer cans)

4. A new hunting dog

3. A new shotgun for new hunting dog

2. Tanning spray for right arm

1 comment:

  1. some of that Coe stuff you can't get on Cassette. Also I will be getting a single short-barrel shotgun for birthday (in feb), and no real good 'ol needs tanning spray....ever.
    If your right arm is abnormally light, you need to switch seats cause it's your turn to shoot the road signs with buckshot anyway.



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