Aug 16, 2012

I Should Sell These

...just to spite Thomas Rhett and Jason Aldean. I probably would if it wasn't illegal to use Joe's image without going through the proper legal channels. I'd wear it too, if it wasn't based on a country-rap song soon to be made famous by a wallet-chain clad d-bag.


  1. What if you just made them and gave them away for free? Free shirt! Just pay $30 shipping and handling. ??? I love Aldean. I'm hoping this is all some really, really, REALLY sick joke. Aside from that, I hope it never, ever, ever makes it to radio. I freaking laughed the first time I heard Dirt Road Anthem...but this...1994 is just TOO MUCH.

    1. KateBryan I can tell you that it most certainly will make it to radio. All the radio stations that are in bed with the labels will play it once an hour so they can milk it for all they can. They'll sell millions of digital copies. People need to start taking a stand and not just liking and buying what radio and record labels say is good or is "country."



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