Mar 29, 2013

Blake Shelton Twitter War Memes

As many of you know, Blake Shelton and I engaged in something of a Twitter slap-fight yesterday (and continuing into today). I started it... with this:
...but then, I've talked trash to him before. He just never responded until yesterday. We had a short back and forth before he resorted to editing my Tweets to make me look stupid(er than normal) and like something of a stalker. His fans blew up my mentions to the point I couldn't/didn't even read 80% of them... and I was called every name an adult with the mind of a five-year-old can think of. @farcethemusic was the #2 trending profile on Twitter for 3 hours yesterday morning. My heart rate was through the roof.

Despite starting off the "conversation" with some name-calling, I did try to engage Blake and I think I held my own with him in both content and humor. However, since he has 2.7 million followers, I could have Tweeted the greatest joke ever told and it wouldn't matter. I lost in the court of public opinion from Blake's first Tweet. How dare you? You're jealous. You're a failed musician living in mom's basement. Blake told you! I heard all the trite garbage I usually do, just x10000. I'm thick-skinned, so it all bounced off. In the end, I added Twitter followers and blog traffic while Blake was able to distract people from his sub-par new it's a win-win!

Here are 4 new BS memes, the second one a crowd-sourced joke (heard it from several supporters) and the other three from Jeremy Harris!

Say it aloud, preferably not around children.


  1. It's really sad when someone thinks they have the right to trash someone else because they have money. He really must be losing his touch though, because he came off as an arrogant prick and I thought you were hillarious. I can't even listen to the songs that I use to like by him. He's lost all his appeal to me. How someone like Miranda can put up with him, I don't know

  2. I agree.. he has lost all appeal.. he does have a great voice.. But.. Like i said.. Fuck that guy..

  3. And he tried to pass off the "old farts and jackasses" comment as humor - Blake, if you can't take a pointed joke, you might want to begin by not making them.


  4. I thought the 'dumb ass' tweet and subsequent 'blow me' response was funny. And I was hoping that you two, being the sarcastic humorists you are, could keep the back and forth peaceful and entertaining. But 2.7 million followers got butt hurt awful quick, Blake missed the whole 'it's a blog that makes jokes' thing, and you kinda stooped to just arguing with him (though you probably didn't have much choice).

    To me, it's really the crazy, delusional fans that come off the worst in situations like these. Seriously, people are awful and so, so dumb sometimes.

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