May 9, 2013

OMG Reviews: Hunter Hayes - I Want Crazy

by Brittany Fant, 15-year-old reviewer
Hunter Hunter HUNTER!!!! I am soooo glad this is finally out. True fans like me have been hearing this song on YouTube and at concerts for longer than you have so it makes me so happy that everyone gets to hear it now!!! Oh Hunter, I'll be crazy for you. I hope that girl in the video is just an actress or whatever. Okay, I'm going to contain myself for a minute and try to really review this AWESOME FRIGGIN song.
"I Want Crazy" is a catchy REAL COUNTRY song that reminds me of some Keith Urban songs back when he was hot (he's old now). It's about Hunter coming home off the road to see his long distance love. Then the rest of the song is totally about something else, but who cares? It's Hunter!!! Most of the song is about having a love that isn't boring. I so understand that. The last guy I hung around with and went to the movies with and kissed (Dad still won't let me call it dating) only wanted to watch Lord of the Rings movies over and over. That's boring. I want crazy!!!! So does HUNTER! 3 years Hunter and I'll be able to date you! Anyway, the song is so well written and just great! I wish boys in real life were like HH songs. They all want to have their own life and not worship me like the princess I am, but Hunter knows what women want.
Now that you know how good he is, all you haterz need to step off. Hunter is fine. Hunter can sing like an angel. Hunter can play EVERY INSTRUMENT IN THE WORLD. Even a hurdy gurdy! (Yeah, I Googled that) Hunter can write songs better than Bob Dillon. He even has the stamp of approval from your old, wrinkled hero, MERLE HAGRID! So stop talking junk about my boy. He's the future of real country music and this song proves it!!!

5 Heart Hands!

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