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Jan 15, 2020

Nov 2, 2016

There's Something About Mary Country Reaction Gifs

When your stepson says he's a huge Big Smo fan

When you try to make your friend stop listening to Lindi Ortega

Riding with your Brantley Gilbert fan cousin like...

Did you know Dave Cobb is Brent Cobb's cousin?

 When your girlfriend walks in after 
you just listened to Turnpike Troubadours

When you meet Hunter Hayes

Jan 29, 2016

The Best of Reginald Spears: January '15

Here are some of our buddy Reginald Spears' most recent and popular tweets.

Oct 27, 2015

Little Known Facts: Halloween Edition

Shooter Jennings recently found his He-Man costume from 3rd grade and 
decided to wear it this year since it still fits. 

Colt Ford scrapped plans to go as someone less talented than himself when 
he couldn't find a Big Smo outfit. 

After being up late with a cranky baby, Jason Isbell will accidentally put on 
Amanda Shires' pants on the 31st and walk out dressed as Sam Hunt. 

Somewhere in Georgia a hay-wagon hitch will break and nearly cancel the hayride 
but all will be saved by Brantley Gilbert's wallet chain. 

Hunter Hayes has been spotted at Sam's Club buying gallon tubs of vaseline to 
grease his face up because just a fat suit isn't enough to look like Gary Levox. 

In 2012 Hank Williams Jr dressed as Chewbacca but everyone knew it was him 
because he was constantly yelling "I'm Hank Williams Jr, bitch!."

On October 31st Dale Watson will wake up and dress like a badass. Just like every other day. 

This year Chad Brock will be dressed as a homeless man on the streets of Nashville. 
He will remain in costume through 2018. 

Florida Georgia Line decided to not dress as what they believe to be the greatest country duo 
of all time because they couldn't decide which one had to be Big Kenny. 

Tyler Farr will be arrested on Halloween for parking a hearse outside 
a neighbor kid's bedroom and throwing popcorn balls at the window. 

After a bad experience with Wynonna's spray tan artist Dolly Parton will be stopped at 
the local farmers market for being suspected of smuggling two pumpkins out the door. 

Chris Stapleton's costume will not be seen by most of the country but 
people that actually know things will agree it's the best costume this year. 

Ray Wylie Hubbard will dress as a geriatric Danny Zuko. The other 364 days of the year
this is referred to as "the Ray Wylie Hubbard look."

By Jeremy Harris

Sep 24, 2015

Country Star Google Searches

Ever wonder what your favorite (or least favorite) country stars seek when they summon the power of the all-knowing Google. Well, wonder no more!*

Brantley Gilbert 

Hunter Hayes

Gary Levox

Luke Bryan

Jason Aldean

*these aren't real


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