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Dec 4, 2019

Bro-Country Lyrics or Sex Talk?

Top 10 “Bro-Country Lyrics or Sex Talk?”

10. You make me want to roll my windows down

9. A little fruity but she asked if I liked it

7. Sounds like it sucks

5. I can smooth it out, I can slick it up

3. Yeah boy, I’m about to show me a city slicker

2. I kick it with a mule

1. Shimmy up inside

Jun 4, 2019

Tyler Farr Hosts Fan Appreciation Day

Tyler Farr hosted fan appreciation day Monday in Nashville. The special event included an intimate concert, a hot chicken lunch, and an autograph and photo session. According to the fan, it was a day she’ll never forget. 

“It was so much fun!” smiled Loribeth Sykes of Pigeon Forge. “I didn’t realize I’d won a one on one fan appreciation party; he was so sweet, even though he seemed a little sad at times.” Sykes was unaware that the event was free and open to all Farr fans, of which she was apparently the totality. 

“I’ve been out of the spotlight for a year or two now, so I thought it was important to show appreciation to my fan. Without the fan, I would have been singing to an empty room and eating by myself today.” said a low-key Farr, packing up a box of 8x10’s.

After a 6 minute acoustic concert of all Farr’s biggest hits, he and Sykes hit Hattie B’s for a lunch of famous Nashville hot chicken. “I thought it was a little weird that I had to pay for lunch, but it was just twenty bucks and he said he’d pay me back, so no big deal.” said Sykes. 

The two made their way back to the Econolodge conference room B for a quick selfie and photo signing and the Tyler Farr Fan Appreciation Day came to an end. 

“I thought my mom would at least be here.” said Farr, stacking folding chairs onto a rolling cart. 

Apr 13, 2016

WWE Country Reaction Gifs 8: Sturgill, FGL, Rascal Flatts, etc.

When you accidentally hear that Motley Crue 
song Rascal Flatts covered

 So, you're a country fan? Like Luke Bryan and Jason Aldean?

 When Mumford and Sons fans go out dancing

 When you finally hear Sturgill's new album

When you find a Florida-Georgia Line 
album in your son's room

Just the thought of FGL doing a Merle tribute 
makes you do this

 When Tyler Farr is finally fed up with all the insults


Oct 27, 2015

Little Known Facts: Halloween Edition

Shooter Jennings recently found his He-Man costume from 3rd grade and 
decided to wear it this year since it still fits. 

Colt Ford scrapped plans to go as someone less talented than himself when 
he couldn't find a Big Smo outfit. 

After being up late with a cranky baby, Jason Isbell will accidentally put on 
Amanda Shires' pants on the 31st and walk out dressed as Sam Hunt. 

Somewhere in Georgia a hay-wagon hitch will break and nearly cancel the hayride 
but all will be saved by Brantley Gilbert's wallet chain. 

Hunter Hayes has been spotted at Sam's Club buying gallon tubs of vaseline to 
grease his face up because just a fat suit isn't enough to look like Gary Levox. 

In 2012 Hank Williams Jr dressed as Chewbacca but everyone knew it was him 
because he was constantly yelling "I'm Hank Williams Jr, bitch!."

On October 31st Dale Watson will wake up and dress like a badass. Just like every other day. 

This year Chad Brock will be dressed as a homeless man on the streets of Nashville. 
He will remain in costume through 2018. 

Florida Georgia Line decided to not dress as what they believe to be the greatest country duo 
of all time because they couldn't decide which one had to be Big Kenny. 

Tyler Farr will be arrested on Halloween for parking a hearse outside 
a neighbor kid's bedroom and throwing popcorn balls at the window. 

After a bad experience with Wynonna's spray tan artist Dolly Parton will be stopped at 
the local farmers market for being suspected of smuggling two pumpkins out the door. 

Chris Stapleton's costume will not be seen by most of the country but 
people that actually know things will agree it's the best costume this year. 

Ray Wylie Hubbard will dress as a geriatric Danny Zuko. The other 364 days of the year
this is referred to as "the Ray Wylie Hubbard look."

By Jeremy Harris


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