Aug 1, 2013

OMG Reviews: Luke Bryan - That's My Kinda Night

by Brittany Fant, 15-year-old music fan and aspiring reviewer

Listen here!

Oooh, this is so funky! Luke Bryan is always on the cutting edge of keeping country fresh and cool and this is no exception. “That’s My Kinda Night” pretty much describes my perfect night too! I wonder if Hunter will ever put out a fun song like this? He’s always so serious, lol! But Luke is a jokester and likes to have a good time. Too bad he’s so old or I’d be obsessed with him too! In the first verse, Luke asks his hottie to hand him a beer while they’re in the truck… and since he’s a good role model, I take that to mean that it’s perfectly okay to drink and drive when I'm older! Yay! The chorus makes me sing “winner winner chicken dinner” so it must be a good song! If you don’t like it, you probably think weaving potholders and eating jello molds is fine entertainment. You’re probably old too. You people like Trailer should quit wasting breath and time on the internet complaining about the “death of country music” because you’ve lost. Country music is whatever 15-25 year old country fans say it is, and I say it should be fun! If I want to feel sad, I’ll… uh, hmmm… I don’t ever want to feel any feelings that aren’t positive, so I’ll just keep listening to country radio! I don’t know who T-pain or Conway are, but they must be awesome if Luke Bryan likes them. This is probably a classic song, but it will take a while until we know for sure, but you really can’t go wrong with the combination of trucks, tans, beer and bumping speakers! I’m not old enough to drink and beer is nasty, but I do know that it’s cool! And so is this song. I will be rocking it the rest of the summer!

Five heart hands!


  1. I sampled the album on iTunes and it was kinda boring. Great live performer but his records and songs are very average.

  2. ha, come on Trailer, I find it hard to believe Brittany doesn't know who T-Pain is.

  3. T-Pain hasn't had any really big hits since 2008, when Brittany was 10, so it's possible.

  4. Facebook has given me the displeasure of discovering that many of my friends--all grown women--are Luke Bryan fans. Their one unifying feature? They never talk about his music. It's his behind they're fans of.

  5. This review is disturbing to read. As a 20 year old I am upset to know these reviews are from a member of my generation. "I’m not old enough to drink and beer is nasty, but I do know that it’s cool!" I don't know that there is much more to say... Brittany, I hope as you grow you will develop your own opinions, not just those portrayed by actors, musicians, and the media.

    But I do absolutely love this song, so you're spot on there!

    1. This is a satire blog, you fucking idiot.



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