Oct 21, 2013

This Week's Billboard Chart (In a Better World) Part 2


  1. Wait, Easton Corbin's "All Over The Road" is on this?!

  2. Yes, there's a place for good commercial country in my perfect world. No hick hop, electronic or bro country though.

    1. I couldn't agree more. It would just be leagues away from this song! ;)

      My pick for a solid "commercial country" candidate for 2013 would be the criminally underrated "Fill In The Blank" by Greg Bates, "It Ain't The Whiskey" by Gary Allan, "You Go Your Way" by Alan Jackson.........or heck, even "Night Train" by Jason Aldean is a rarer, solid offering from him. "I Can Take It From There" by Chris Young was also a solid comeback single before he sold out later in the year with half of his latest album "A.M."

  3. I'm with Farcer on this one. There is nothing wrong with a commercial song. It's just that today's country radio is 85+% of commercial music. A few here and there is a great break. Think back to the 90's, George Strait and Alan Jackson had some really good commercial songs. Sadly, I don't know how possible it is to make this relevant today since your average music listener is slightly smarter than the average Capuchin monkey when it comes to musical tastes.

  4. "All Over The Road"? Really?!!!

    Not in my world. That might actually rate my Top Ten Worst Country Singles of 2013 because of the subject matter and the fact virtually all critics have given it a pass and extolled it so highly. Just because a song has traditional-ish production and a strong vocalist does NOT a good song guarantee.

    The lyrics and theme are what make "All Over The Road" unlistenable to me (yes, I dare bring up that word despite the obvious catchy hook). Firstly, distracted driving is only a whisker apart from drunk driving. In fact, an estimated fifteen people are killed, as well as more than 1,200 people injured in crashes that were reported to involve a distracted driver.

    It's such a dangerous precedent when someone employs as an excuse for reckless driving on the interstate (paraphrasing): “Sorry, officer! You’ve gotta understand it’s just……….hard to drive when my baby won’t stop flirting with my knee! As long as that’s happenin’, she’s outta my hands, sir! She’s a crazy, horny woman!”. How irresponsible.

    Matters do not improve by the second verse. He utters: “How am I supposed to keep it between the lines…”, for instance. Then do yourself a favor, promptly head over to your nearest Department of Motorized Vehicles, and revoke your own license!

    Then he says: “I’m trying to get her home as fast as I can go…” Yeaaaaaahhh, sssssssurrrrrrreee you arrrrrrreee! ;)

    Finally, he begs the officer: “Have a little mercy on me!” No, I believe I’ll instead have mercy on the 32,310 Americans who were killed in any number of highway accidents in 2011, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration………..and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration for their incredible service in helping bring 2011 rates to the lowest in recorded history, whose efforts may unfortunately be tested by the likes of irresponsible folks like Easton Corbin, Ashley Gorley, Wade Kirby and Carson Chamberlain!

    And the fact the production has a nice sunny throwback to the early 90's makes this all the more unsettling to hear; in that the carefree, blue-skied vibe seems to excuse such distracted, irresponsible behaviour as harmless escapism. All I know is, George Strait wouldn't get caught cutting a track like this.


    Besides that, couldn't agree more with the chart! ;)

  5. wow that is one of the most beautiful pictures I've ever seen, honestly would love to see this chart happen one day...



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