Oct 17, 2013

YouTube Junk: Dallas Smith - Tippin' Point

Former rock singer (Canadian one-hit wonders, Default), signed with Big Machine, song written by FGL aimed straight for the country charts. What's not to hate?

If this song somehow becomes a hit, let's hope the title is prophetic...


  1. Not that "Wasting My Time" was groundbreaking at all or anything, but it was definitely corporate-driven rock done right in that Dallas Smith actually sounded like you can believe all he was singing about the dissolution of a relationship.

    I'm not even angry hearing this. I'm just saddened and astonished how he can go from the former to "It's hot as hell the way you shake that headlight!" in an artificial, exaggerated "twang". -__-

    Given he's now signed to Big Machine, Florida-Georgia Line wrote this and Joey Moi is the producer, I think we can all but certainly count on this becoming a breakout hit for him. And if Chase Rice also breaks out with his current release............. -__- -__- -__-

  2. Correction: "Tailgate" not headlight! Not that my self-correction makes the lyric any more tasteful, but just had to point that out! =P

  3. That was awful. How does that pass for music, much less country music. Where do you find this garbage?



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