May 2, 2014

John Rich's Songwriting Tips #70

The only tip I have for you today is to call your local damn radio station and request "Look at You." People still do that, right?

Today, I'mma just teach you some songwriting vocab, beatchez. I don't have to use any of these fancy methods or follow generally accepted songwriting rules, but your dumb ass does.

Assonance: No, it ain't when get so drunk you fall on a fireant hill naked. Yeah, I did that joke once before already… just like I did your mama. Assonance is when you repeat vowel sounds in words close to one another in a song. Here is that concept in action:
"I would put my foot in your butt"
That's a million dollar line right there. Steal it and I sue your ass.
©John Rich

Onomatopoeia: This describes words that imitate actual sounds. It's so easy a caveman can do it, so I'm surprised Dallas Davidson hasn't written a whole song of grunts and whistles by now. Onomatohoweverthehellyouspellit is like when you say "Slurp slurp out behind the bushes" or "Vroom vroom while my speakers boom."
©John Rich

Alliteration:  This is when you repeat the beginning sound of words in a song line (or poetry, if you swing that way).
Here's another big money example:
"She took off her top in the back of my truck"
©John Rich
That was fun! Let's crank out another one.
"Tan lines and t****ies and tall boys, oh my!"
©John Rich

Now, go get your little notepad and Walmart practice guitar out and work on your writing so you don't have to clean tables at the IHOP anymore. I was paying my dues while you were playing with your Tamagotchi, so while you're practicing, I'll be PIMPIN' as usual. Peace out.

*Not actually written by John Rich

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