Oct 13, 2014

John Rich's Songwriting Tips #72

Mailbag time again!
Josh in Ohio asks: How do you write a sexy song and still keep it safe for radio?
Me: Well, you just have to use certain words to mean certain other words. Be creative. Need to say "give her the shocker?" Say instead: "one in the sugar, two in the honey." Wanna mention getting a handy in the F-150? Say "I let her work the shift." It's pretty easy, really. I mean, do you think FGL's "pink umbrella" wasn't meant to be "my big ol' hog?"

Lisa in Texas asks: I'm a singer/songwriter trying to get a foot in the door in Nashville. What's the best first step?
Me: Let me ask you something Lisa. What do you look like? Shoot me a soul-revealing photo and I'll see what I can do. If you're attractive, I can probably give you a little one on one. If you're an ugly, you should probably go the Americana route.

Chris in California asks: Do you keep Big & Rich together because your songwriting career isn't exactly the toast of the town these days?
Me: You little snotty piece of shit. What do you know about my songwriting? I've got 3 holds and 26 upcoming writing sessions with comely young recent Nashville residents. I have more songwriting knowledge in my left nut than you'll ever have in your pathetic basement living existence. I dare you to come to a show and say that to my face.

Well, that was another enlightening round of Q&A for you guys! Until next time, this is your sexy white cowboy homie signing off!

*not actually written by John Rich

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  1. Howdy John rich i have a question i think i wrote a number one chart topping hit country song and i would love for you to give me some feed back on it



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