Jan 27, 2015

Larry Lee the Primitive Baptist Reviews: Chase Rice - Gonna Wanna Tonight

 Chase Rice - Gonna Wanna Tonight
(click to hear, if you fear not the grasp of Satan)

I'd been enjoying the kicked-back life a preacher gets to live after the holidays, visiting shut ins, watching football, getting fat on the 46 Hillshire Farms summer sausages my congregation gave me for Christmas… then all of the sudden, I hear from Trailer and it all goes south. He's wanting me to do another song review, he says. No curse words in it, he says. Chase Rice, he says and I nearly use a curse word. Buttttt, here we go…

This is a song about Chase cavorting with his sweetie on a weekend night, but you already knew that if you listened to the last 45 songs in a row on country music radio. The whole thing is built around the fact that "gonna" and "wanna" rhyme. That's as deep as it gets from our idiot manchild friend here. "Gonna" and "wanna" aren't even officially recognized as words, as far as I know. I don't recall Jesus saying "Blessed are those who gonna wanna, for they shall inherit the dropped tailgate."

More troublesome, as usual, is the usage of alcohol for "fun" and "enjoyment." Away from me, tempting suitor of Satan's employ! Proverbs chapter 23 reminds us that "wine biteth like a serpent and stingeth like an adder. Thine eyes shall behold strange women and thine heart shall utter perverse things." If one needed any further proof of God's truth, one only need listen to this perversity and twisting of God's gift of music.  The "wine," which in this case is likely "Fireball whiskey" or "Natty Ice beer," of course leads to fornicating and worse.

What of your eternal rest, Chase Rice? Is one night (or many, many single nights, more likely) of dirty, unprotected sexual relations with a lithe and sumptuous female worth an afterlife where the worms never stop dining on your sinful carcass?

As you fill your coffers with sin-tainted money, do you ever stop and consider the cost, in the lives of your followers. Surely they look to your flat-brim wearing, skank-chasing, drink-drinking, slang-dropping lifestyle and consider it worthy of idolatry. Turn from this path, son, before your "Fireball" becomes a fiery lake of burning sulfur!! Repent!


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