Sep 7, 2015

Labor Day Songs w/Jason Isbell, Sammy Kershaw, etc.

Some songs and videos about the value of hard work (and/or the drudgery of a less-than-satisfying job) for you to listen to before celebrating all that hard work with a little cold brew and grilled meat. Enjoy!

(Side note: Can you believe Toby Keith released a song this dark as a single?)


  1. Funny seeing Sammy Kershaw on here since I just read an article where he chastized modern mainstream country.

  2. ^ God Bless Sammy Kershaw! he should show these new guys what country really is!

  3. Little late, but women work too - need Dolly and 9 to 5.

  4. Great list, though! emfrank

  5. Well, Sammy did sing a about the working women. I was going to include "9 to 5" but I thought it was too cliche ...but then I also included "40 Hour Week," so I overthought it or underthought it or something. Dolly gets on there in next year's edition!

  6. True, but there is an undercurrent of an idea the woman should be home in Sammy's. Dolly's has so much play it has become a cliche, but it is one of the few songs I know of that talk about office work, where a great many women find themselves. Not really criticizing, though. Great list.



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