Apr 14, 2016

Top 10 Projected Lyrics on Cole Swindell's New Album

Cole Swindell's new album comes out in April or May or June or who really cares. Anyway, we took a stab at guessing some of the lyrics that will be on You Should Be Here and here are the ten best…

10. She climbed in the truck I said baby what's up
Plugged the aux cord in, turned some Haggard up

9. Stars in your eyes, hands in the air
Lemme get a glimpse of that derriere

8. On fleek country boy riding these roads
Sam Hunt blastin' out the stereo

7. She winked and smiled and sat on my lap
Asked if that's my initials on my cap

6. Bae, bae, uh uh
Uh uh uh uh uh, bae

5. This is the song about being down
I'm sad, watch the video to see me frown

4. Gimme dem digits, take a selfie to text
Whoops, sent it to my mom instead of my ex

3. I'm in the middle of a memory
Of you shaking that thing like a white oak leaf

2. She took off her top and gave me some crown
I'm so glad this old truck broke down

1. Remember boys, it's Saturday night
Let's crack a cold one and act real white

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