Jun 27, 2016

Why Luke Bryan is a Bad Influence

An investigative visual report by Larry Lee Turnage

Today I want to present to you some visual evidence that this Luke Bryan fella is 
not all that he appears to be. He is presented as a wholesome, Gomer Pyle-of-country-music sort, 
but I am here to tell you and show you that he is a wolf in sheep's skin. 
His music is a gateway unto the very halls of Hades.


 First of all, let's take a look at his song content. This tune entitled "Strip It Down" promotes promiscuity and vulgarity and probably ritualistic orgies. This is just dirty:

Next, we explore Luther's sinful habits. This man is well known to partake of alcoholic beverages
on stage during concerts, in full view of minors and Christians. Just look at this depravity.

 This drunkenness even extends into his daily life. It is shameful, dangerous, and vile.

The body is a temple, thus saith the Lord. If you think this man who has already defiled 
his body with fermented mind-altering substances would stop there, you are sorely mistaken. 
He has marked his body for eternity. Even the fires of Hell will not remove the stain.

 Remember those abhorrent sexual lyrics above? Well, Mr. Bryan goes beyond singing 
about coitus in his music; he performs symbolic perverse sexual positions on stage 
during his concerts, in full view of minors and Christians.

 Again, this perversion extends beyond his public persona. Will this man stop 
at nothing to tick off every disgusting act on his Satanic bucket list?

Strong drink is a brawler and we know Luke Bryan likes the strong drink.
Here, he assaults the hip-hop band Florida-Georgia Line in an elevator.

I also believe Luke Bryan to be involved in gang activities. These may include gun running, terrorism, prostitution, gang-banging, rap battles, and "Netflix and chilling."

When someone behaves as poorly as Luther, he becomes a stumbling block to his friends, 
family, and followers. Bryan's depravity has influenced his fans to become violent and aggressive.

The final proof is as shocking as all the rest combined. Luke Bryan is a worshipper of the 
dark lord Satan himself. This is not my opinion. He is proud of this. See it with your own eyes:

In summary, do not listen to Luke Bryan's music. What little of it passes as country music just grooms his young impressionable fans to get into his further diversions, such as drinking, intercourse, Satan Worship, and rap music. Run far from this man and his devious intentions.


  1. Don’t judge people we all do something wrong at times. He is a good man.



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