Feb 3, 2017

Our Wall of Honor Gets a New Addition!

Farce the Music's Wall of Honor is a showplace for our well-earned and highly prized Twitter blocks. Today we add a new plaque. Our least favorite country pop country pop country pop flip floppers: THE BAND PERRY!

They are added to the existing wall...


  1. Its despicable to act like a child to these professionals. Your burning bridges you'll never even cross. Loser. Luke Bryan is a good guy and a star whether you like his music or not; what's the point of cursing at him to make him mad like some 15 year old troll in his parents' basement drinking Moutain Dew? Grow up.

    1. Luke Bryan is a dimwitted, no-talent loser. Seems you have a little problem with basic English. Second sentence should read "You're burning bridges you'll never cross."

      For that matter, metaphorically (look it up, dunce), isn't the purpose of burning a bridge never to cross it again?

      You seem slow; you haven't reproduced, have you?

    2. I've never once cursed at a single artist. I may have said "damn, that sucks" but I'm not one for vulgarity aimed directly at an artist personally. And I use the term 'artist' as a professional courtesy in this instance.

  2. Also: your first sentence should read "It's despicable..."

    You see, "it" with an apostrophe "S" attached is a contraction (look it up, dullard), short for "it is."

    "It" with a simple, lowercase "S" attached -- with no apostrophe -- is a possessive pronoun. Example: The dog ate its food.

    Many people learn the distinction by the sixth or seventh grade. Along with the difference between "you're" and "your."

    I think you're ("you are") proof these basics of the English language will elude (a verb meaning "fail to be grasped or remembered by") Luke Bryan fans forever.

    Was there anything else you'd like to add?

  3. I guess the Bland Perry is really committed to having you "stay in the dark."



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