May 15, 2017

Monday Morning Memes: Alan Jackson, Sam Hunt, Kane Brown

R.I.P. Powers Booth


  1. Are you really that close minded, FTM? You hate bro-country, yet like the man who created it himself - Alan Jackson aka the Nickelback of country music. Yes, Alan Jackson destroyed country music. This is the same man who dumbed down the genre, lived up to stereotypes, and covered Wiz Khalifa's "We Dem Boyz" at his concerts. Yet you still forgive him for his crimes against country music. I just hope Alan Jackson ends up as a laughing stock like Nickelback, because he is truly the Nickelback of country music. He definitely won't be remembered as a "country legend".

    1. Pipe down, you're acting like he fucked your wife or something. The "Nickelback of Country Music" title clearly belongs to Florida Georgia Line. That's a no brainer.

    2. Alan Jackson destroyed country music

      I'm sorry, but you're just deranged. I could list all the reasons why, but that would be giving your "argument" an acknowledgement that it just doesn't deserve.

    3. @thesouthtexaspistolero Yes, I can list all the reasons why Alan Jackson killed country.
      - He contributed to country music being a laughing stock by living up to stereotypes (i.e., "Country Boy", "It's Alright to be a Redneck", and "Where I Come From")
      - He contributed to country music being a laughing stock by dumbing it down and making it look ignorant. (i.e., that 9/11-exploiting song where he couldn't tell the difference between Iraq and Iran)
      - He practically invented bro-country with "Chattahoochee", which has many of the buzzwords present in country music today, including girls, beer, trucks, river banks, and moonlight
      - He covered Wiz Khalifa's "We Dem Boyz" and Akon's "Don't Matter" at his concerts

      "Keepin' It Country" my ass. Alan Jackson and his "country" "music" career are as country as Kylie Jenner.




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