Aug 8, 2017

The Farce 5: A Dumb Interview with Tyler Childers

About a year ago, I decided I needed some quick questions to pop out in case I ran into someone who would be an interesting person to talk to for Farce The Music. I wanted the questions to be a mix of aggravating and stupid but not so many questions that it’d take forever to type up afterwards. I decided on five and would call them The Farce 5. Catchy ain’t it? In April of this year, I attended a Tyler Childers show at Ohio’s worst kept secret, Tootle’s Pumpkin Inn located in Circleville. I asked Tyler that if he had about five minutes because I had a very short interview I’d like to do. A few minutes later he came to me and The Farce 5 was underway. Enjoy.

by Jeremy Harris
 FTM: If you can only pick one, what genre of music would you put yourself into to?
TC: One? I guess country? It’s hard to pick one. I just always considered it hillbillies making mountain sounds. It’s a little bit country, a little Appalachian but if it’s one, probably rap. I’ll go with rap.
FTM: That’s good. Rap seems popular these days and the kids love it. It’s a good way to get yourself introduced to a younger crowd.

FTM: I know there’s been times where you’ve shared a dressing room with other artist, so which of your fellow artist takes the stinkiest shits? 
TC: [Whispers to self: Stinkiest shit?] I would say it would probably be Arlo McKinley. He takes the stinkiest shit. 
FTM: But he has such a sweet voice. 
TC: Yeah, but the other end ain’t so sweet man. It’s pretty nasty. 
FTM: Well, I’ll try to stay on the voice end. 
TC: Cheeseburgers and beer can be a bad equation.

FTM: Has there ever been a time when you pretended to remember a fan you’ve encountered so they would quit telling you why you should know them? 
FTM: On a side note, we’ve met like three times. 
TC: Yeah, I remember. Yeah I guess. That will make them go away.

FTM: Describe your worst hotel experience.
TC: I stayed in a place in Tulsa and I can’t remember what the place was but there was a 1-1/2 to 2 inch space under all the doors. when you were walking you could everything that was happening in each hotel room and the walls were paper thin. We go there and the guy next door he was, he was just being a real asshole to this woman and you’d hear him stay stuff like “Damnit!”, then he’d go on a big rant. I just kept thinking, that poor girl, and then after he did it like three times she just tore into him. Everything that he had said abusively, verbally didn’t hold a light to what she did to him. I was like, that poor guy… 
FTM: You didn’t expect that did you? 
TC: No, I didn’t expect that. There was a lot of arguing, stinky sheets and a stinky place.

FTM: Alright, last question. If you could make one singer or band disappear forever, who would it be and why?
TC: Hmmm, disappear. Probably, uh… I was thinking Gomer Pyle. The fact that he had that gorgeous voice just took so much away from the comedy side. So if you could keep Gomer Pyle as Gomer but take out all that singing shit that’d be great.
 FTM: Thanks Tyler. I’ll get this all turned in within the next two days to six months. [barely made it]

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