Nov 16, 2017

6 Foot Bag of Mayonnaise Announces New Album, Tour

A six-foot tall garbage bag full of mayonnaise has announced plans for its new country album and nation-wide tour. "Burble, burble, glurp" said the hot new artist, excited about its chance to get the music out there for the fans of enormous trash sacks full of egg-based condiment.

The Hefty Cinch-Sak filled to near-capacity with Great Value Mayo plans to drop a new trendy sounding, but unmemorable single next week, before revealing the album cover the next week, then dropping a more upbeat country hip-hop-lite track the next week, then announcing the track list for the album the next week, then releasing the album in January. 

The creamy container's star has risen since posting several YouTube videos of Sam Hunt covers and releasing an acoustic EP in 2016. The giant blob of dressing will do several solo shows at casinos and fairs, before taking a slot in April opening for the popular Stained White Shirt Flung Over a Mic Stand. 

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