Nov 29, 2017

Blake Shelton CD Packed in Box With Other Unsold Yard Sale Items

A dusty copy of Blake Shelton's Startin' Fires was packed away into a cardboard box full of other unsold yard sale items this past Saturday evening. The album with the cracked CD case and the bright yellow 50¢ sticker slipped down the side of a Pikachu plush and came to rest between a dingy child monitor and a mug from the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino.

Startin' Fires was Blake Shelton's fifth studio album, and featured the hits "She Wouldn't Be Gone" and "I'll Just Hold On."

Owner Mark Platte, 37, of Neptune Beach, FL, said he hoped to either put it out for another yard sale in March or 'donate it somewhere.' He expressed surprise, not that the item didn't sell, but that he even still had a Blake Shelton CD, having apparently priced the compact disc without even noticing its cover.

"I haven't listened to him in years." he told us. "Since he got boring and started sounding like all the other dudes on country radio, I just moved on." Mark said he was more into artists like Cody Jinks and Lucinda Williams these days, preferring "real" music over the glitz and packaging of the mainstream.

At press time, the cardboard box containing the Blake Shelton CD was being taped shut, to be stored in the corner of the storage room behind the old paint buckets and a broken weed trimmer, to be forgotten for several more years.

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  1. Somebody was playing with a BB gun and almost put Blake's eye out...



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