Nov 22, 2017

Understanding Bro-Country Fan Internet Slang

Here's a very important piece I unearthed from the Farce the Music vault. It was never posted during the heyday of bro-country, so it has lost a little relevance, but there are still bros out there and you should at least attempt to understand their language.

This is a handy guide to deciphering bro-country fans' slang and acronyms on social media and text messages.

SMH = send me hoes

LOL = liking only ladies

Send nudes = send nudes

WTF = where's the Fireball?

Dead = I just murdered a city boy

Low key = feeling mellow from smoking the marijuana

Fam = group of bros

Off the chain = please help me find my wallet

AF = awesome Ford

OMG = oops my genitals

Lit = (the bonfire of crates we stole is now burning)

TGIF = tailgate is fun

TL/DR = the lice didn't reappear

DR/CR = didn't read, can't read

Shook = concerned that one might be outed as a poser

Thicc = This Hoe Is Conspicuously Curvy

DTF = down (in) the field

Basic = a pickup truck that doesn't have chrome accessories, a light bar, a roll bar, a lift kit, step rails, a winch, truck nutz, mudders, stacks, bed lighting, Yeti sticker, sticker making fun of other brand of trucks/engines.

Extra = has more than one STD

GTFO = give this fellow oral

JGMDSIBK = just got my d*ck stuck in brass knuckles

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