Mar 28, 2018

Top 10 Things Kane Brown Fans Say to Police Officers


10. No sir, this is a chemistry set I bought off Ebay. 

9. Yeah, I know they're out. They're called break lights so I broke them.

8. I'm just taking care of these pills till grandaddy gets out of the hospital.

7. I'm the one who called. This man on Twitter doesn't like Kane Brown, so he's racist and that's a hate crime.

6. I'll give you a handy for $10. Oh shit, you're a cop.

5. Yes officer, this lady just stole my heroin.

4. Just because I picked this young man up from basketball practice don't mean he's underage.

3. Aunt Grandma put this crack in my backpack, not me. 

2. But the teacher said we could bring drinks in study hall. It's just beer.

1. It's not illegal for her to be 15 if we're married

1 comment:

  1. Are you sure that first one isn't taken in my neighborhood?



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