Nov 21, 2018

The Worst Family Thanksgiving Conversation


  1. *CAUTION: This post was previously deleted and WILL be reposted in the event that it is deleted. Any resemblance between Alan Jackson's "music" and actual country music is purely coincidental.*
    You're an unlikable, stuck up little soy boy for posting this excuse for a "meme". I can't imagine how shitty your Thanksgiving had to be that you would be bored enough to be posting this tripe. Everything that I have posted about this Nickelback wannabe that you copied and pasted into the "meme" is real because Jackson isn't an "artist", he's a corporate puppet made to sing what a bunch of filthy poseurs in the music industry tell him to sing. One that will be discarded like a fucking condom once the time is right. He has no desire to be a real artist. Alan Jackson can have fun being the Nickelback of country music. He wouldn't be country even if you compared him to Drake and Lil Wayne. So don't you sit there and argue that he is country when that's the biggest crock of shit I ever heard. It's a known FACT that Alan Jackson has shit all over country music by living up to stereotypes and diluting it with hip-hop. R&B, EDM, and 80's hair metal, that his producer a RAPPER (Polow da Don) who has produced songs for fellow rappers like Nicki Minaj, Nelly, Gucci Mane, T.I., and Travis Scott, and that Alan Jackson covered multiple rap songs at his concerts, including songs by Akon, Wiz Khalifa, and Future, among others. The fact that you're trying to run away from the truth by not only denying this, but also Orwellianly deleting every comment I post here telling the truth about how much Alan Jackson disgraces country music is alarming, but I digress. And no, it's not just his shitty "music" giving real country music a bad name, after events that happened earlier this month. In case you forgot, there was a shooting at a country music bar in Thousand Oaks, California. The gunman shot and killed 12 people and injured 12 others before killing himself. Leaving aside the fact that the shooter was a veteran with PTSD, the fact that this was a country music bar leaves open the possibility that the shooter was probably driven by an Alan Jackson "song". Not kidding. Alan Jackson's annoying, shitty excuses for "music" already make me want to go crazy and stab freshly sharpened pencils into my ears whenever I hear that stupid shit. As the shooter had PTSD, not all of the blame lies with Jackson's "music". Yet you can't deny that Jackson's "music” must have played a pretty major role in killing 13 people and ruining countless others. If actual, wholesome country music was played at the time of this shooting instead of Jackson's hip-hop/R&B/EDM/hair metal mongrelized "music", I'm quite certain that 13 lives would have been saved that night. I never thought that Alan Jackson could ever be able to further his quest to become the most unlikeable person alive (he already was in my book), and he exceeded my expectations in the sickest and most demented way possible. From what it seems, Alan Jackson's bro-country "music" isn't just a threat to real country music anymore, it's now on the verge of being a threat to society. Jackson's shit "music" is now responsible for, or at least had a major role in, the killing of 13 people and ruining countless other lives, including those who were injured and those who lost forever lost family members.

    I got a Sony MHC GX450 and a Sony LBT GPX77. The only thing Alan Jackson's "music" is good for bass tests, due to how hip-hop influenced it is. Keep in mind that he has rapper Polow da Don as his producer.

    #AlanJacksonKilledCountry (It's "#AlanJacksonKilledCountry" not "#AlanJacksonKilledCountryMusic". At least fucking pay attention and don’t let it happen again.)

    1. There's a REASON the comment was initially deleted - your "truth" is a bunch of bull. The cover songs have already been disproven, but there's so much more. He's stuck with Keith Stegall as producer throughout his entire career, changing only when Alison Krauss was behind the boards for 2006's LIKE RED ON A ROSE. Never once did AJ have any rap producer working with him. Seriously, look at the back covers of his albums (excluding the Krauss-produced one). "Produced by Keith Stegall" should be there, clear as day, and it's no pseudonym - he's gone under that name for decades. And granted, while "Chattahooche" and "I Still Like Bologna" do have country-life elements (I can't comment on those other three as I've never heard them), not every song he released glorifies it. What about "Don't Rock the Jukebox" (about wanting some country music played on the jukebox), "I Don't Even Know Your Name" (a story song involving Alan, a waitress, and a missing front tooth), or "Little Man" (about the rise and fall of the small town)? And knowing the press "Where Were You (When the World Stopped Turning)" got at the time, it doesn't look to be a "stupid 9/11-exploiting song" (never heard that either), but you're right about the money not going to the affected because he never sold it as a benefit single. (Interestingly, two of the songs you cited, "Where I Come From" and "It's Alright to Be a Redneck", were its immediate predecessors.) You're not telling the truth about anything, you're just fueling a stupid movement that YOU started, paving the way for a future where only the rare people with any knowledge have any clue what Alan's music is actually like. How would you like it if, say, every time the Bellamy Brothers are mentioned somewhere I go on long, rambling rants about how they're the real killers of country music? I know Bellamys fans wouldn't, but still - take your nonsensical belief that Alan Jackson is a country-killing madman and shove it.

      Sincerely, "Jman" Burnett

    2. Oh, and now you're blaming AJ for world tragedies? Come on! I've heard songs (country or not) that are far more life-threateningly awful than anything he ever did. This comes to mind:

      (I would've also accepted "Truck Yeah")

      Sincerely, the same person as the last comment



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