Dec 21, 2018

New Florida-Georgia Line Album Cover and Track List Revealed

1. A Skit for Some Reason

2. Too Pop For Country (Too Shitty for Pop)

3. The Spellin' Song

4. Pervin' on You

5. Bad Comedy

6. Pablum

7. A Complimentary Song About Chicks (ft. the guy who sang "but your booty don't need explainin'")

8. Requisite Shallow "love everybody" Anthem

9. Drivel

10. Another skit! We are cool like rappers!

11. Bro-Country Up Yer Ass (ft. pretentiously named songwriter bro)

12. Someone should write a song about small towns; that would be novel

13. Insipid

14. Another attempt at humor

15. Rednecks on Parade (ft. Puffy Aldean)

16. We Smoke Dope

17. Effluvium

18. Detritus

19. Spiritual Song so People Think We're Deep

Honestly, my fake titles are not much more ridiculous than the (alleged) actual track listing.
(no, I DID NOT make the list below):

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