Jul 15, 2020

Top 10 Reasons Brantley Gilbert Fans Won’t Wear a Mask

10. Hides badass new gold teeth

9. Legally barred from wearing a mask in public as a condition of recent parole

8. FaithFreedomFirepowerNews.org told them masks are the mark of the beast

7. Can’t find a mask with “Sexy White Trash” on it

6. Rubs up against herpes sores

5. Won’t fit over unkempt Grizzly Adams ass beard

4. Only mask they own is Confederate flag, which is currently frowned upon

3. Face tattoo still healing

2. Can’t smoke meth with a mask on

1. Masks aren’t provided in their particular penal institution


  1. Ur a snobby lil shit and Ill beat ur ass if I ever see u. BG Nation 4 lyfe!

  2. Bad attempt at humor. fail.

  3. Lying pos , bg nation



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