Dec 31, 2020

Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions for Dan + Shay Fans


 10. Speak to 5% more managers in 2021

9. Keep up with teen slang so you’ll be able to snoop on your daughter’s Snapchat effectively

8. Monthly salon visit to maintain that just above the shoulders layered look that silently asks “Are you supposed to be here?”

7. Keep the white zinfandel cellar fully stocked at all times

6. Berate Dan + Shay on Facebook for not going on tour because Covid is just the damn flu!

5. Sell 22% more essential oils and seaweed kelp powder on Facebook

4. Berate Kane Brown on Instagram for wearing a mask because “there taking our freedom away!”

3. Keep tan somewhere between “just returned from Cozumel” and “oh God, you better get that mole checked out!”

2. Maintain the perimeters and facilities of your gated subdivision against people who don’t seem to belong near you

1. Practice saying “How arrrre yeeewwww??” and “Oh HOOWWW Cute!” and “Bless YEWR Hawrt!” for when you finally get to see your friends after this Covid hoax goes away

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