May 11, 2022

Top 10 Farm Preparations for Luke Bryan’s Farm Tour

 10. Convert the cattle troughs into vomit troughs

9. Be ready to write off the sod field on taxes; all those new boots will destroy it completely

8. Move cattle to farthest pasture; even dumb animals don’t deserve to hear that music

7. Leave the electric fence turned on in areas bros might sneak off to pee

6. Replace all “No Trespassing” signs with speakers saying the words over and over; Luke fans can’t read

5. Fence off the ponds so no little Luke Bryan fans will be created there

4. Haul in lots of gravel for muddy parking areas; you don’t want any of those idiots stuck on your farm any longer than necessary

3. Hire local bikers who hate pop-country as security

2. Make sure to rent extra wi-fi towers; Luke fans are more interested in filming TikToks than actually watching the concert

1. Hide the sheep and goats

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